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Hydrotherapy can be used in the treatment of orthopaedic conditions, neurological conditions, muscle, ligament and other soft tissue injuries. It can also help with general fun and fitness. 

Muscle wastage often occurs with any lameness however, long term lameness from orthopaedic conditions can result in severe wastage of the muscle. Swimming or underwater treadmill work is an ideal non-weight bearing exercise for rebuilding the muscle both pre-operative and post-operative (after the stitches have been removed and the skin has healed.) 

Walking is often painful and too strenuous for the dog, and so the non-weight bearing exercise in warm water is ideal to gradually rebuild the muscle and reduce the pain in order to improve recovery time after surgery. 

Dogs recovering from  orthopaedic surgery, spinal injuries, hip and elbow dysplasia, ligament strains and sprains, spaying, caesarean section and many other conditions, as well as after whelping to tighten the muscles back up – all find swimming to be a gentle way to rebuild their fitness.



-Relief from pain, swelling and stiffness

-Improved gait patterns
-Increased sensory perception
-Relaxes muscle tension and muscle spams
-Non-weight bearing exercise
-Pre & Post operative conditioning
-Slows the progression of degenerative diseases
-Increases core stability
-Increases range of motion
-Increase and maintains muscle strength
-Reduces oedma
-Decreases inflammation
-Improves cardiovascular fitness
-Improves mobility
-Improves mental well being (releases endorphins)
-Overall general fitness & conditioning
-Improves quality of life



-Hip dysplasia
-Elbow dysplasia
-Luxating Patellas
-Spinal injuries


-Pre and post orthopedic surgery (Cranial cruciate repair, tibial osteotomies, femoral head and neck excision – FHNE, total hip replacements – THE, etc.)
-Neurological problems (Intervertebral disc disease – IVDD, Chronic degenerative radiculomyothy – CDRM, Fibrocartilaginous embolism – FCE, Lumbosacral disease etc.)
-Growing pains (pano)
-Osteoarthritis and general stiffness
-Pre/Post operative muscle maintance
-Relief of pain, arthritis, swelling & stiffness
-Obesity &weight management
-Great for general fitness & conditioning for all dogs

-Behaviour issues due to excess energy

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