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Our Treatment Philosophy:

At Country Canines Hydrotherapy We believe the best results are achieved when your dog is relaxed-We use our knowledge of canine behavior and experience of hydrotherapy to help to achieve this-Your dog’s comfort and safety remains a priority throughout their session with us.  

Our Goal:

Our goal is to provide an outstanding service for you and your dog whether it is for fun, fitness or to optimise recovery following an injury or surgery. Our goal is to help promote good health and well being and improve your best friends quality of life. We genuinely care for your pal as if they were part of our own Family!

Our Goals and Commitments: About Us

Our Commitment 

At Country Canines Hydrotherapy we believe that every dog is entitled to the best treatment and care available, that is delivered to you by an experienced and qualified hydrotherapy professional who is dedicated to helping your dog live a full, happy and functioning life, leaving you both to do the activities you love sharing together.

Our treatment aims to optimise recovery after injury, surgery or help the older dogs with stiffness and limited mobility. We promote good health and well being, by offering fun and fitness swims which help prevent joint problems from occurring and aim to improve performance in the working dogs and the canine athletes.

We offer a safe, clean, calm and enriched environment. The indoor heated pool is accessed by a non slip external and internal ramp which allows comfortable access for your dog. Your therapist will be ‘hands on’ with your dog to ensure a calm and controlled entry and exit. A qualified therapist will be in the pool with your dog at all times.

Our hydrotherapy treatments include a showering system pre and post swim-this enables your dog to be warmed up correctly which is essential for rehabilitation treatment and helps relax your dog in preparation. We also dry your dog after the hydrotherapy session-although we encourage all owners to bring a towel and dog coat with them to help keep your dog warm on the way home.

Every hydrotherapy treatment is private with just you, your dog and your qualified therapist(s). Every dog will have a qualified hydrotherapist in the pool with them at all times ensuring support is given and delivering hydrotherapy techniques to rehabilitate your dog back to fitness.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our water. Our pool is treated with chlorine and checked at least 3 times daily to ensure optimal hygiene and clarity. Recordings are kept and can be shown on request. Our flooring throughout is non-slip safety flooring for the comfort of both yourself and your dog, but please wipe your feet on entry to the centre to help keep it nice and clean for the next clients.

Our Goals and Commitments: About
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