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On your first visit to us we will go through your Veterinary Referral form and discuss your dog's history, condition/injuries, character and behaviors, to understand them as best as possible. This will also allow your dog time to adjust and gain our trust. We will give them choices and options and always use a reward based positive attitude.

We will also carry out a health check, record muscle mass and tone, record gait analysis and weigh your dog. We will discuss treatment, outcomes and gain an understanding of what you wish to achieve. Your dog’s hydrotherapy treatment programme will be individually tailored to suit his or her needs. Not only is the treatment provided specific to your dog’s diagnosis, it is also tailored to their condition on the day of treatment. Just like us, our dogs have good and bad days so your dog will not have the same treatment each session but a totally unique plan based on a full re-assessment on the day. 

We will introduce your dog to the new equipment and surroundings and let them familiarise themselves with the pool or underwater treadmill. Whilst most dogs go into the pool or underwater treadmill on their first visit, it is important to note that on some occasions it is decided against and takes a little longer, all depending on how your dog reacts and other contributing factors which will be discussed on the day. Initial sessions last uptown an hour. 

Whatever the size of your dog; small or large, we cater and have the appropriate equipment and environment for all breeds.

What to expect on your first visit: About Us


  • Please ensure your dog is not fed for at least 4 hours before attending a hydrotherapy session.

  • Any vomiting or diarrhoea at least 48 hours prior to the appointment must be declared.

  • All missed appointments without 24 hours notice will be charged in full.

  • Dogs must be in as clean a condition as possible to use our facilities.

  • Clients are reminded that they enter the pool area at their own risk as hydrotherapy involves water and therefore an increased slip hazard around the pool and treadmill area, therefore sensible and clean footwear and clothing should be worn.

  • Whilst every care possible is taken of dogs undergoing hydrotherapy treatment and in the maintenance of the water quality & equipment, all dogs receive treatment entirely at the Owner’s risk.

  • Pet insurance – many insurance companies will cover the cost of hydrotherapy treatment. However please do check with your insurance company direct

  • You are welcome to get in the pool with your dog for fun, play and motivation, but this at our discresion as your dogs priority and treatment always comes first. We never recommend this on the first session as this gives your dog time to adjust.

  • Please ensure your dog has toileted before entering the premises. As there will be a levee if your dog fouls in our pool due to the cost implications of cancelling following appointments & cleaning the pool.

  • When leaving your car please ensure that all dogs are on lead & under control at all times.

  • You are very welcome to take photos or video footage during your hydrotherapy session, all we ask in return is if you release onto social media; Facebook etc. that you include our website on the link.

  • We also reserve the right to to use digtal recording or photographs during our hydrotherapy sessions.

  • Dogs will not be admitted with contagious or infectious conditions, therefore will not be allowed to sue the facilitates with any ear, eye, skin or gastric conditions. Bitches in season may not use the facilities until their season is over (we usually allow 3 weeks).

  • We reserve the right to refuse treatment to any dog at any time.

  • A Veterinary referral form must have been received before any swim can take place; in order to ensure your dog is fit to exercise. This is organised by us on your behalf. 

What to expect on your first visit: FAQ
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