As per the Vet Surgeon’s Act 1966, we only work under veterinary referral.  Veterinary referral is a legal requirement for registered veterinary physiotherapists and hydrotherapists, which safeguards your dog by ensuring both the vets and us have all the information needed to provide the appropriate treatment programme. We keep in touch with our referring vets and provide regular progress reports to promote clear lines of communication to the benefit of the canine patient. Please do contact us to discuss arrangements for this.

1) We are part of the Canine Hydrotherapy Association; which means our facilities, our standards and our experience is second to none. This means your dog is in the best of hands, whether it be for fun, fitness or rehabilitation. CHA has the highest training requirements for registration in the UK.

2) Hydrotherapy sessions are undertaken by a Registered Canine Hydrotherapist (RCH) whom has fulfilled the CHA Training Requirements for registration and must keep up to date by completing a further 20 hours of Continued Professional Development training each year. We obtain a high level of training and specific areas of competence & expertise.

3) As RCHs, we are required to abide by the guidelines and rules set out in the Guide to Professional Conduct for Registered Canine Hydrotherapists and must hold public liability and professional indemnity insurance

3) It gives us an idea of any cautions or contraindications for hydrotherapy, for example, if there are any underlying heart conditions we need to be aware of & account for during the sessions.

4) We test our water quality 3 times a day and adjust as necessary to ensure the best hygiene standards of our bromine water, which leaves your dogs coat with a lovely shine & is gentle on the skin.

5) We are nearly always in the pool or underwater treadmill with your dog to reassure, direct and motivate them during their sessions

💦🐾 Luther, Daisy and Nancy come in for